People looking at Pigeons' Rock in Raouché, Beirut.

Histories of coloniality: anti-Muslim discrimination in Lebanon

Lebanon’s modern history and present cannot be understood without discussing colonialism. What role has European colonialism played in the formation of various discriminatory practises in everyday life? What are the processes through which coloniality reproduces itself within the region? Why is it crucial to study discrimination and racism in the MENA-region?

In this episode, Dr. Ali Kassem talks about postcolonial and de-colonial research and other themes within his dissertation which investigated coloniality and erasure through Muslim Hijabis’ lived experiences in Lebanon.

You can find the transcribed version of the podcast episode here: lahi-ita NYT_12

Some of the literature mentioned in the episode:

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IASH-Alwaleed Research Fellowship

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Lähi-itä NYT -podcast, 24 helmikuuta 2022

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